Florida Man Arrested Twice in Two Days for Impersonating a Cop

A Florida man is currently in jail for being…well, dumb. According to Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staley, the man impersonated a law enforcement officer just days after he was jailed on the same charge!!! So dumb, so hilarious, lock this man for being an idiot.

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Through a Facebook post, the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office showed the 60-year-old’s mugshot after he was arrested on March 11 after investigators got a tip from a toll bridge attendant. LeRoy Stotelmyer apparently flashed a law enforcement badge to cross the bridge without paying for the toll, which was only $2.

Another toll bridge attendant told authorities that during his encounter with Stotelmyer, he had presented him with a silver badge. That’s when the toll booth attendant pulled a fast one on him by using the reverse card straight out of the UNO game and showed him an article from the Daytona Beach News-Journal which reported his arrest on March 9 for impersonating a Law Enforcement Officer.

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So, the guilty man freaked out and quickly put away the fake badge and paid the $2.00 toll. because at that point, he probably knew he had messed up, and bad. Through a statement Sheriff, Rick Staly stated, “This guy clearly has not learned his lesson and has no respect for the law,” Sheriff Rick Staly said. “Two days after his release and he is already up to his old tricks. We know already that he thinks he can get out of shoplifting and pay tolls with his fake badge. I am happy we were able to get him back off the streets before something more serious occurs. He thinks he wants to be a cop, now he gets to see what it’s like to be an inmate.”

As expected, the Florida man was arrested, again, and charged with felony violation of pre-trial release and impersonating an officer. Jail records do not show a lawyer for him at this time, but according to the Associated Press, he is being held without bond.

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