Valentine's Day Zoo Cockroach Naming

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and we all know what that means. Some of us will spend the day with our significant other, sitting by the fire enjoying a nice warm meal. Others, well, will wallow and mope, thinking they are going to be alone for the rest of their life because they have no one to spend Valentine’s Day with. There is no in-between, really.

Okay, I’m kidding, maybe there is. The in-between is definitely waiting for February 15th, because that’s when all the chocolate is 50 percent off. That’s what Valentine’s Day is about, right? Anyway, if you are one of those people who is spending Valentine’s Day alone, whether it’s because you don’t like the holiday, or you’re single because you just broke up with your partner, the El Paso Zoo has your back. For those of you who went through a terrible breakup this year, the zoo is offering you a chance to get back at your ex in a very odd, but satisfying way.

Turns out, the El Paso Zoo is offering a “special deal” this year by letting you name a cockroach after your wonderful ex. Not only will they name the vile terrifying insect after them, but on Valentine’s Day, staff members will be feeding those named cockroaches to their meerkats as part of their “Quit Bugging Me” event. Now that is what I call taking advantage of a Hallmark Holiday!

Sounds like something you’d like to do? All you have to do is submit the name of your ex by sending a direct message to the El Paso Zoo Facebook page by Sunday, February 10. On February 14th, zoo staff will decorate the meerkat exhibit with the submitted names and in honor of those names, the meerkats will be fed the cockroaches.

Surprisingly enough, El Paso isn’t the only zoo that is participating in the cockroach naming as part of a “Valentine’s Day promotion'”. New York City’s Bronx Zoo is selling naming rights for its four-inch Madagascar hissing cockroaches, as well as England’s Hemsley Conservation Center.

So gross, but hey, if it works as a “this is how to get over your ex” tact, then sure, why not. It’s a fun way to process a rough breakup. And in case you were wondering if Meerkats actually eat cockroaches, yes, they do. According to zoo staff, they actually love to snack on them just as much as we like snacking on those ants on a log.

If you’re in El Paso on Valentine’s Day, the zoo is inviting everyone to attend the event on February 14th at 2:15 pm at 4001 E Paisano Drive. If you’re nowhere near Texas on the special day, no worries, they will be live streaming the whole event on the zoo’s website at 

What a great way to celebrate Cupid’s Day. Talk about a perfect Valentine’s Day Gift!

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