The Internet is Convinced Eating Rotten Raw Meat Will Get You High

I seriously hate the internet sometimes. There are things that I see or read that make me lose faith in humanity because some of the things they come up with are just ridiculous. At first, I thought it was teenagers who come up with stuff like this, but no, indeed it is also adults. Now, people on the internet are forcing down several chunks of rotten uncooked meat in order to get high. I swear, this is actually a thing happening and I am terrified for people’s lives.

According to IFL Science, people are calling it “high meat,” and no it is not steak tartare, it’s full of rotten meat. Yes, it is flesh that has been decomposed for months, up to 2 years, with visible bacteria coded in layers of slime. If this does not gross you out, you are seriously not a human being. You’re a full-on cannibal who has a death wish. Nobody in the world should be eating this, so this is me telling you to stop it right now.

People are Eating Rotten Raw Meat to Get High

In case you’re wondering how it works, after eating the rotten flesh, apparently, there’s an intense feeling of euphoria. Whether it’s caused by the results of dehydration and intense delirium caused by severe food poisoning or the bacteria hitting your stomach, this reportedly makes you feel like you are high. Does it actually get you high? I doubt it, I don’t want to find out, but this is disgusting.

Believe it or not, several people claim that they prefer the flavor of rotten meat. Apparently, it is more acidic and it tastes “cheesy.” Honestly, I wouldn’t want those two words in one sentence, let alone inside my body, but maybe my palate isn’t as refined as others.

This is a Big No For Us!

And in case you think I’m lying, I have proof! Back in 2017 YouTuber “sv3rige” ate a year-old jar of what I can only describe as junk, and let me tell you I’m not convinced by his reaction at all. Honestly, I couldn’t make it through this video without gagging, but if you can, props to you. He said it tastes too spicy, very overwhelming, and it tasted just like mushrooms. I don’t know about you but I’m going to stick with the raw meat that we can actually eat such as salami and pepperoni because they are fermented meats. These are meats that we do want to eat. Fermentation is a controlled process, people.

So yeah, if you eat this just make sure you have good insurance because you’ll probably get foodborne bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus, E.Coli, or salmonella that can lead you to the hospital. But if you’re lucky, you’ll only experience days of fever, vomiting, severe pain, and nausea only…and not death.

“Eating 1 Year Old Rotten High Meat (Beef Entrecôte)”

Anyways, if you need to take something out of this article, it’s this: don’t eat decomposing meat. There are no health benefits from eating meat that is rotten. All right? Have a good day.

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