Surgeons Find Condom-Wrapped Banana Inside Man’s Stomach After ‘Hormonal Rage’ Fit

A man who was rushed to the hospital with severe stomach pain and nausea had food poising, but it wasn’t because of the food.

Instead, the banana he swallowed was wrapped in a condom. A CT scan revealed as much, with the fun-loving fruit apparently blocking the man’s intestines.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Yeah, talk about things you don’t hear every day. Or things you never hear. Even the surgeons who performed the wrapped banana admitted it was a first for them, too.

Banana Wrapped Condom, Anyone?


We’re not sure how the banana got there, other than the man said he swallowed it in a fit of “hormonal rage,” per the New York Post. So it’s probably a good thing his identity has been kept a secret. Just image the flack he would most definitely take were it ever revealed.

On the bright side, our adventurous friend seemed to be making a complete recovery once the item was removed, per a report from Cureus, entitled, “Banana in a Condom: An Unusual Cause of Small Bowel Obstruction.”

Per that report: “Two weeks after the operation, he was tolerating a low-fiber diet without nausea or vomiting. He had a return of normal bowel movements, and his pain was well-controlled.”

Yeah…Don’t Do This


According to the authors of the study, this was the first known incident of someone swallowing a banana wrapped in a condom. It is all our dream for it to also be the last.

In other words, don’t try this at home. Both bananas and condoms should be used for their intended purposes. One is to eat. The other as something for a different appetite entirely. Still, pretty impressive this man was able to swallow that whole thing down in one go. Just look at the size of it, it’s massive!

I guess people are just born with different talents.

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