Viral Video Shows Insane Road Rage Turn Into Epic Street Fight

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

We don’t know who to blame, or perhaps who to thank, for a dose of road rage that turned into a one-on-one street fight at a red light. But you can’t argue with its overall entertainment value.

The incident occurred on a sunny day on a fairly busy road littered with what appear to be palm trees. At first, all you see is a white pickup and a small white car racing to get in the other’s way, with the pickup even bumping the car. (Which, by the way, actually will damage both vehicles, if you’re thinking about trying this someday.)

Then both wild-driving citizens decide to obey other traffic laws and come to a complete stop at the traffic light.

That’s when the driver of the truck exits his vehicle, walks over to the other lane, and throws a few punches at the driver of the car, who at the time remained in his vehicle.

But soon thereafter, the car driver emerges, resulting in the two exchanging blows for several seconds, including some time out of view of whoever was recording.

In the end, the car driver wins, knocking the truck driver to the pavement with what appeared to be a near-knockout blow. After all, the truck driver stayed down, flat on his back on the street, as camera man got back in his vehicle and made a quick right turn. But only after the light turned green, of course.

Wild Street Fight!

As an interesting aside, everyone else remained in their vehicles, ignoring the chaos in plain view and going about their days. Perhaps they simply understand that few things can be as annoying as driving when there are other people on the road, doing the same.

Still, it’s one thing to scream at others when you’re protected behind windows and metal and with a gas pedal to get away. It’s quite another to get out of your car and start what you can’t finish.

So let this be a lesson to everyone on the road. Throwing punches in the street is the worst idea ever when you can just express your rage from behind the wheel.

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