Wild Six-Women Brawl Filled With Punches and Flying Knees Caught On Video

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Well, it’s safe to say they know how to throw down in Brisbane, the capital city of Australia.

We know this because a fight at some sort of gathering that required dressing up — we’re not sure what — resulted in more than a few ladies throwing their fists. But they tossed more than that. They also tossed each other. The women were seen absolutely throwing it down. Jumping in the air and kicking the living heck out of each other, all while wearing their fancy clothes.

As for the guys at the scene, well, they were fairly lame in their attempts to break it up. That said, do you blame them? This one was too good for it to end quickly. When do you get to see a group of girls just fighting all over each other?

This must have been a hell of an argument. You can only wonder what the brawl was about. Who slept with who? Who insulted someone’s dress? Was it just a drunken mistake? Who knows, but that woman in green is giving big big energy, knocking down the lady in red. Someone call WWE.

Wild Brawl Filled With Punches and Flying Knees

Interestingly, Queensland Police told Mail Online it had received no reports of any sort of fight — so this apparently wasn’t even called in. 

“Our searches did not locate any incidents of this nature that police were called to attend, nor any subsequent reports made,” police said.

So go ahead, ladies. Get down with your bad selves.

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