Billy Crystal shared a story about he dealt with a Trump-supporting heckler at one his live shows when he appeared as a guest on “The Tonight Show.”

Crystal admitted that he’s not a “big puncher” when it comes to political material, but there was a moment in one of his shows during which he compared President Trump’s approval ratings to those of the Zika virus. At this point, a woman began heckling Crystal from the audience, “Honor the president!” she yelled.

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The rest of the audience booed her, and Crystal attempted to regain control of the show, but the woman continued to yell at out, “Honor the president!”

So Crystal decided to take a page from President Trump’s handbook.

“Ma’am, I’m going to use your own president’s words on you if you love him so much,” said Crystal. “Get her out.”

Needless to say, the women was removed from the venue by security — much to the joy of the other audience members.

You can watch another segment of Fallon and Crystal’s conversation below:

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