Woman Accused of ‘Criminal Behavior’ for Eating Hot Dog in Insane Manner at Australian Open

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

It’s hard to discern if this woman’s actions were barbaric or unbearably polite. A tennis fan at the Australian Open was hilariously caught on camera eating a hot dog in a bizarre manner. When TV sports journalist Josh Garlepp posted the moment on Twitter, the internet lost its collective mind.

Woman Not Only Used Her Fingers to Eat the Hot Dog — She Was Also Chewing

“A lot of people have their opinions on how to eat a hotdog, but this is the only way,” Garlepp tweeted.

The video shows a woman using her — gasp! — Fingers! To! Slowly! Peel! The Hot Dog! Piece! By Piece!

She doesn’t use any sauce. Also, she is chewing a lot. Although the tennis fan’s face is clearly watching the game, we all know she’s focusing on masticating the stadium delicacy to a pulp.

Some are calling for the woman’s eternal reckoning, claiming she shall no longer have a seat at God’s table. Others are calling her actions criminal. Neither has she adorned her hot dog in any sauce whatsoever nor is she consuming the meat and the bun at the same time.

Just Look at This “Criminal” Debacle

However, other people, possibly through an act of cognitive dissonance or possibly not, quickly rationalized the whacky hot dog-eating behavior.

“This act precedes normal eating behavior and ensures precise snag/bun ratio, especially on the first and arguably most important bite. Any other conclusion is an oversight,” one person wrote. Essentially, they were saying that the tennis fan was breaking off the tip of the hot dog first and later intended on inserting the meat and bun together into her mouth.

Well, that’s very clever but it’s a bit of a stretch. Plus, it’s making a future prediction and we’re talking about facts and the moment right now.

“Have you considered that she may have had dental surgury? [sic] I know when I had dental surgury [sic], years ago, I couldn’t take large bites, or pull on my front teeth. Also, spicy or sweet caused pain” someone else chimed in.

Other people claimed she was on a low-carb or keto diet and her bun was simply her plate.


The true way to eat a hot dog is with mustard and hot sauce. Ketchup and chewing are optional.

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  1. What’s so wrong with the way she’s eating it??? I’ve eaten several hot dogs in my life time and honestly I’ve done the same way a few times!! It’s up to the individual as to how they wish to enjoy their meal. She seems to be enjoying it and that’s what matters most in this particular situation!!! Let me me guess??? Did this piss-off some stupid dumb liberal that only thinks they’re right and the rest of us are wrong again??? Condemning a person for the way they eat a hot dog???? Wow!!! That’s pretty freaking desperate don’t you think?????

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