Kid Rock shows off his soft side by granting his biggest fan’s birthday wish

A lot of times when stars become celebrities they lose touch with reality — but not Kid Rock.

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In 2014, Kid got a video invitation from a superfan named Dan to come his 30th birthday party. Dan lives in the Detroit area, which is Kid Rock’s hometown, and has Down syndrome.

Dan never heard back from Kid Rock, but got the surprise of his life when Kid showed up at the birthday party. Walking out with the birthday cake and leading the restaurant in the singing of “Happy Birthday,” Kid put a smile on his fan’s face that literally went from ear to ear. After grabbing a chair and settling in, he showered Dan with an array of gifts, ranging from a limited edition photo to a custom guitar.

As cool as that story is, this is what makes it even cooler.

That wasn’t a one-stop photo op for Kid. Kid has remained friends with Dan and his family, and recently took him to the Detroit Pistons basketball game. Say what you will about the southern rock artist, but this only proves he’s just a guy that understands what makes life worth living.

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