26-Year-Old ‘Stay-at-Home Daughter’ Goes Viral For Spending $50K in One Day

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Roma Abdesselam is a “stay-at-home daughter” with her parents’ black cards, and she wants you to know all about it. Well, mostly. The 26-year-old influencer has made a life of doing nothing but spending mommy and daddy’s money… and posting about her lavish lifestyle on social media.

@TheRealSAHD Has Over 630K Followers, 12.6 M Likes

Roma, who goes by @TheRealSAHD both on TikTok and Instagram, knows that she’s over-the-top. She’s almost parody of herself, giving self-deprecating narratives about her privileged life and spending habits. No one who watches her is likely to actually identify with all of it. Nor does she care.

In this video titled “What I Spend In a Day, Pt. 3,” Roma reveals how she spent just under $10K in the flash of an eye using her parent’s credit card. It could have been more, but the card was taken away from her before she got to Cartier.


If my parents are watching this everything was sponsored through my influencing job

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Recently, Roma told The New York Post that she can easily spend $50,000 in a day. Apparently, others have called her “manic,” which she doesn’t deny.

“I’ve turned spending [my parents’] money as a stay-at-home daughter into a job, and that’s been very, very fun for me,” she said.

Roma Keeps Her Parents’ Source of Income a Secret

Roma lives in a lavish building in the Flatiron District of NYC. She won’t say what her parents do, but her grandfather owns the building where Nobu is. So, when she and her grandad went to get sushi and found it was closed, they were still treated to some fine drinks.

As a busy stay-at-home daughter, Roma eats a ton of raw shellfish and drinks a lot of alcohol. And then the rest of her day is generally based in shopping and making sure she looks pretty.

Roma knows she’s self-centered and will joke about her dating styles and breakup styles. “I don’t repeat outfits and I don’t repeat men. If I’ve worn it once, I won’t wear it again. And if I’ve dated him once, I won’t date him again.

“The best thing about me besides being beautiful, awesome, and funny, is I get over breakups very quickly. I’ve gotten tips from the most influential women and let me show you what I’ve learned.”

She goes on to give a bunch of tips that might make you feel like you’re reading a Quora post about Narcissistic Personality Disorder discards, but the point is, Roma doesn’t care. It works for her.


Send to someone who is sad &SAHD. Thanks for a great fashion week @alice + olivia


At one point, “SAHD” talks about apartment shopping and eating out at Cipriani’s afterwards. “My friends are all Middle Eastern and foreign, so they taught me how to scam the IRS by writing off a part of my mortgage. I still don’t know what a write-off is. Then we ate cake, and we started talking sh** about men and also talking sh** about other people. If you personally know us, 10 out of 10, we’ve definitely talked sh** about you. Okay, have a good day. Byeee!”


On a side note, Roma Abdesselam isn’t completely self-serving. She donates to education-based charities, according to The Post.

“I’m very passionate about a school in Israel that teaches Palestinian and Israeli kids Arabic and Hebrew together,” she said. “I also do charity work with a school in Jamaica.”

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