Teen Murders Disabled Sister, Said She Would Have Done It Sooner “To Get McDonald’s”

Claire Miller, a Pennsylvanian teen who brutally murdered her disabled sister allegedly told police something incredibly disturbing. A detective testified that that she said she would have done it sooner if she’d known she’d be given McDonald’s while in a holding cell.

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“Oooh, McDonald’s,” police detective Jonathan Martin said he heard Claire say. “I would have killed someone sooner if I knew I was going to get McDonald’s.”

Claire Miller was 14 at the time of the homicide, which occurred in February 2021. She stabbed her then-19-year-old disabled sister, Helen, who was wheelchair bound. According to coroner records, Claire stabbed Helen seven times: twice in the jaw, twice in the chest, and thrice in the back.

“I Michael Meyers’ed my sister.”

Jonathan Martin, who works with the police in Manheim Township, revealed another grisly detail. He told the court that Claire Miller’s cellphone started playing a ringtone from Halloween while she was in custody when she made another disturbing admission.

“I Michael Meyers’ed my sister,” Martin said he heard Claire Miller say.

Halloween is a horror film that tells a story about a child named Michael Meyers. He kills his older sister with a kitchen knife on Halloween night.

Police arrived at the Miller home around 1 a.m. on the evening of the homicide. Claire Miller allegedly walked outside in bloody pants and kept repeating, “I killed my sister,” according to Patriot-News.

Claire Miller May Be Tried As An Adult

Judge David Workman is currently deciding on whether or not to try Claire Miller as a juvenile or an adult. He is expected to decide within the next two weeks.

Claire Miller’s attorneys have argued that she suffered a psychotic break. Two psychiatrists testified that she suffers from anxiety, depression, and psychosis, and was hearing voices on the night that she killed Helen. They say Claire tried to slash her own throat that night as well.

Claire and Helen’s parents are concerned about Claire being tried as an adult. They fear she won’t get the help that she needs if she’s thrown in prison.

Marie Miller, the girls’ mom, told the court that “We love both of them. I know Claire did not mean to do this. We lost Helen and we don’t want to lose Claire too. We don’t want her to be punished, not get help, and be put away for a long period for something that was out of her control.”

WGAL reports that Mrs. Miller also said that she saw a transformation in Claire and that Claire used to help take care of her sister Helen. However, prosecutors are alleging that text messages show that Claire wanted to hurt others, too, and thus poses a risk to society.

The case will reconvene in court tomorrow, July 5.

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