Adult Film Star Keiran Lee Opens Up About Angela White’s Injury on Set

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British adult film actor Keiran Lee has opened up about a very shocking onset accident that left his co-star being rushed to the hospital. Lee, whose private parts are actually insured for $1 MILLION, stated that the first time he did the deed on camera with Austarial porn actress Angela White, she was left with a life-threatening injury.

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The porn star was reportedly an hour into filming their first ever seen together when the tragic accident occurred. But, Lee apparently didn’t find out that she had been injured until 2 days later when she returned home to Australia suffering stomach pains.

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That’s when White decided to go to the hospital to see a doctor, who revealed that her appendix had burst, and was sent straight to surgery. “I could’ve killed her,” Lee told podcast host Ryan Pownall. He goes on to say he thinks one of the positions that they were in is what caused these said injuries.

But, apparently, she got her vengeance in a scene that was filmed at a late date. Lee was injured after White had suffered lockjaw, and…uh…accidentally, you know, leave the rest to your imagination. 

But, he did say that it was “the most painful experience” that he had ever had in the adult film industry. He stated that the bite actually left him bleeding, and a production assistant had to hand him some disinfectant. That’s when things got even more sour, due to the ointment causing him to burst into tears.

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Despite the painful accident, the 39-year-old said that he and White physically and emotionally pulled through and finished shooting the scene. 

Well, there you have it, whoever said the adult industry isn’t dangerous hasn’t experienced stuff like this. I commend them for talking about it in public, you really don’t realize what goes behind the scenes. 

Pornstars…just doing their job like the rest of us. Respect.

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