Pilot Hilariously Climbs Through CockPit Window After He Was Locked Out of Plane

 <a href=https://twitter.com/MattRexroad/status/1661787180770148352Matt Rexroad

At San Diego International Airport, passenger Matt Rexroads recorded an unidentified pilot climbing through the cockpit window before a flight heading to Sacramento. Rexroad shared the image on Twitter this past Wednesday, which featured the pilot half inside the plane, hanging through the small window.

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The photo is accompanied by the caption, “No joke… yesterday last passenger got off plane with no one else on board, he shut the door. Door locked. Pilot having to crawl through cockpit window to open door so we can board.”

Bizarre Occurance of Pilot Crawling Through Plane’s Window

The pilot was suddenly locked out of the plane when a passenger accidentally closed the door behind them. The flight was delayed and someone was ordered to come unlock the plane, but the pilot took matters into his own hands, deciding to try to crawl through the window in order to unlock the plane from the inside himself.

Southwest Airlines released a statement to the New York Post explaining the situation which read, “During the boarding process, a Customer opened the forward lavatory door and inadvertently pushed the Flight Deck door closed (which locked) while the Pilots scheduled to operate the flight were preparing to board the aircraft. One of our Pilots unlocked the door from a Flight Deck window, and the flight departed as scheduled.”

The flight ended up being delayed by only eight minutes. Rexroads spoke to CBS about the strange occurrence, saying, “It’s certainly something you don’t see every day. I’ve never seen anything like that. From my point of view, credit [goes] to the pilot and the team for being able to make that happen.”

The official Twitter account for Southwest Airlines jokingly responded to Rexroad’s tweet in a comment that read,” Well that is definitely something you don’t see every day. Feel free to send us a DM with your confirmation number if we can be of further assistance! -Dakota.” In response, Rexroads commented back, “I love Southwest,” before Southwest added, “We love you, Matt! -Dakota.”

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