Random YouTuber Attempts Poorly Planned Prank On UFC Fighter (Video)

Earlier this week a social media influencer in the making decided it was a good idea to pick on a real deal UFC fighter. The result was a complete fail at trying to grab the spotlight, nearly ending in disaster.

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YouTube and social media are full of pranksters and influencer wannabes who take extreme measures to win views and followers. According to Whiskeyriff, this YouTuber was no exception.

To begin with, the UFC fighter was Jalin Turner. Jalin has been competing in the UFC for five years now. His most recent fight was a neck and neck shootout between him and Dan Hooker. Unfortunately, Jalin ended up losing the fight despite his valiant efforts. Because of this, he likely was not in a mood to be messed with. Additionally, Jalin has been cutting weight for his upcoming fight, which only shortens one’s temper. With all this in mind, the YouTuber took a chance to get under Jalin’s skin.

Random YouTuber Attempts Poorly Planned Prank On UFC Fighter (Video)

After spotting the fighter and his friends on an escalator in Vegas, the prankster held his phone to his ear as if to call someone. While on the ‘call’ he taunted the fighter saying: “imma tell you right now, Imma smack the sh-t out of him and his f-in’ boys.” Jalin and his pals whipped their heads around and glared at the man, slightly confused and in disbelief.


Without a second thought the man taunted again: “You heard what I said.” The UFC fighter had enough of the not so funny joke and went after the man. Jalin shot his arm at the YouTuber, grabbing his neck. He shoved the man to the ground as the man yelped. He cried out “I’m on the phone!” and “It’s a prank!” while Jalin’s buddies stepped in and separated the two, which likely saved the man a trip to the hospital.

Unsatisfied with the result, the prankster retorted when Jalin was walking away: “But I will smack the f-ck out of you dude.” Then he ran away sheepishly knowing he was about to really get it. Maybe next time the man in question won’t pick on anyone for his videos, at least not a UFC fighter. Unless of course he feels he didn’t quite learn his lesson.

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