Twitter Users Hilariously React to Jill Biden and Doug Emhoff’s Kiss

Things got quite steamy, yes steamy, at President Joe Biden’s Second State of The Union Address. Basically, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden and second gentleman Doug Emhoff unintentionally created a very viral moment. Ahead of the speech, the first lady received a warm reception when she walked into the House of Chamber, followed by Emhoff. But, she and the second gentleman were seen greeting each other with none other than a kiss on the lips. Yes, you read that right, a kiss on the lips.

As expected Twitter made the moment go insanely viral, because well you have to admit that this is pretty funny. I didn’t see it coming, nobody saw it coming, and well, I’m sure Dr. Biden never saw it coming either.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

“This was not on my BINGO card tonight,” YouTube host Anthony Cabassa tweeted. 

Twitter Reacts to Viral Kiss

“We’re off to a HOT start,” conservative strategist Greg Price chimed in.

“Did Jill Biden just kiss… Doug Emhoff on the mouth?!” AFP journalist Inès Bel Aïba said in disbelief. 

The list of tweets go on and on and on, because let’s face it, it was a shock to us all. What’s even funnier is that social media outlets are dubbing the kiss as a “cozy display.”

Also, no one in their immediate vicinity seemed to be fazed by the said kiss between the president’s wife and the vice president’s husband. The group just continued to clap on, not paying attention to what just occurred. But honestly, I guess I would too, I would be embarrassed if that was me. Honestly, It was just a silly little accident, but still. 

I’m sure they laughed it off backstage. 

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