Influencer Tells Women to Drink Their Period Blood to ‘Shorten’ Their Cycle

You know what I hate the most about social media? I hate the fact that people will do anything to get a few likes and followers here and there to boost their own ego. What’s worse, is that they do it with so much confidence that they trick people into believing that they are actually genius’ and have their shit together.

Like this Swedish influencer who told women that if they drink their own period blood their cycle will shorten. I’M SORRY, WHAT! NO, NO, NO. If you are reading, for the love of GOD, please do not drink period blood. Don’t listen to this woman, she clearly has no idea what she is talking about, ladies!!!

Basically, Singer Bianca Ingrosso, who I must add has one million followers on Instagram, was participating in a question and answer video on Youtube where she gave several of her viewers ‘tips’ on how to alleviate their period pains. Which is where the whole drinking thing came about. Despite her giving the gross advice, she did admit that she had never actually dark her own menstrual blood yet, but apparently, she knows “a lot of people” who have. Which is INSANE to even think about.

The 25-year-old also did note that the one could also ease the pain by cutting out certain things like coffee, sugar, alcohol, tobacco and by doing exercise. Which yes, as a female who experiences this every month, I can guarantee these can help when you’re in a lot of pain.

But still, there was the Instagram-star telling her million followers that the best way was to drink their period blood. She confidently noted, “it should make periods go away faster as you get all the vitamins you otherwise lose by drinking blood.” Which no, that’s not how life works sweety. This is most defiantly bullcrap, to put it nicely, and there is absolutely no science or experiment behind this to support your idiotic theory.

This is seriously one of the most stupidest and moronic things I have ever heard in my life. I would like to apologize on her behalf to all of her followers. Goes to show you that the internet is a scary place, ladies. I wonder what her method to cure urinary tract infections is. Gross.

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