People are Wearing Condoms on Their Fingers to Avoid Getting Coronavirus

Alert, alert! This is not a drill! Time to stock up on packets of condoms, ladies, and gentlemen. Not only do they prevent unwanted pregnancies, oh no, but now they also prevent the Coronavirus! FDA, if you are reading this you can stop all the testing to find the cure. I have found it for you, it’s condoms. All you have to do is put one on each finger and then touch whatever you want because you are protected! Goodbye, Covid-19!

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Kidding, totally kidding. This is dumb, and anyone who is doing this should seriously get a slap on their head because it’s ridiculous. But, here we are. Let me give you a little background about this whole mess. Basically, condoms are selling out (mostly in Singapore) because people are reportedly using them as a “protective measure” against the coronavirus. So dumb and unnecessary.

According to the Daily Mail, the “problem” was brought to life on a Facebook group called Ryde District Mums by Thanh Tahi from Sydney. They shared a picture of an empty Durex stand, asking “Can anybody please tell me what happened?”

Several comments stated that people are trying this “method” and putting the condoms on their fingers to protect themselves against the virus when pushing elevator buttons in buildings. Because well, using your elbow or your wrist to push a button is so 2019. So is this actually happening? Well, I’m not sure, don’t quote me on this, but it has been proven that people all over the world are pretty much-doing everything they can to prevent themes from getting sick. And now this apparently includes using condoms for everything but what they are intended to do.

I can’t be the only one that thinks this is stupid, right? Can’t you just buy regular gloves like a regular human? What a waste of a condom, man. Save it for people who actually intend to use it the right way, am I right? In all seriousness, I get you want to be protected and you’re scared, we all are. I mean, the Coronavirus outbreak is no joke, there have been reported deaths from it. But Condoms? Really? Be like everyone else and just stock up on hand sanitizer, face masks, water bottles, and toilet paper!

I’m done.



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