New Social Media Challenge Has Kids Dumping Oats on Each Other TikTok via @danny.moon
TikTok via @danny.moon

Back when I was in college, we had a drinking prank called “icing,” where we would all hide Smirnoff Ice bottles around our usual settings that we would frequent. No one was ever safe because if you happen to stumble upon one, whether its in the washer in your laundry room or in your backpack during class, you would have to get on one knee and chug it right there and then.

Well, Gen Zers have taken that challenge and made it their own in TikTok form, calling it “oating.” The prank/challenge is simple in which your friends hide large containers of oats, as we would with Smirnoff Ice bottles, and if you stumbled upon these containers of raw oats, you would have to dump the bucket of oats over your head.

Oating: The New TikTok Prank


Get oated bro #fyp #oated #oats #quaker #xyzbca

♬ original sound – clemy1717


Wendys dude #GhostMode #ItBeLikeThat #foryoupage #foryou #fyp #4you #oated

♬ Hit the Quan – Original Version – iLoveMemphis

I could make fun of these TikTok teens with their lame “wild new TikTok trend,” but why would I hate on the wholesomeness of these oating videos and the concept of getting “oated?” This prank is way safer than some of the other viral trends that TikTok users and fellow Tiktokers have followed in the past. In fact, I commend that these kids for not needing to make this some sort of binge drinking game, and it almost makes me feel more a degenerate for the fraternity trend I was initially proud of.

And if this is a new kind of strange camaraderie, then I’m about it. People are getting bored during the pandemic, and social media use has never been higher. So whatever’s trending, as long as y’all don’t go to extreme lengths with sweet alcoholic drinks, then maybe getting “oated” while your friends yell in cheering you on is not such a lame thing at all.


We can hate on Gen Zers all we want about their narcissism with the constant selfies and needs to take videos constantly of everything. But I would rather see that their taking videos of doing stupid things like pouring oats all over each other instead of drinking themselves to near death.

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