Police Man Dubbed Hero After Delivering KCF To Customer After Driver Gets Arrested

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Some policemen can be considered true heroes, simply for getting some fried chicken and mashed potatoes to their ultimate destination.

After all, for a moment, it seemed iffy.

The act happened in England, when police pulled over a vehicle in the town of Newton Abbot. It just happened to be a person whose job it was to deliver fast food. And the person was on the job — taking some KFC to someone who had placed their order.

Well, turns out the driver was not insured. Just like in the United States, it resulted in the vehicle being seized. But before that happened, the police officer grabbed the food, eventually delivering it to its rightful owner. And in a timely fashion, no less.

The Newton Abbot police described the incident in a somewhat comical Facebook post.

“This vehicle caught officers attention whilst speeding through Newton Abbot, it was on its way to deliver some food but the driver didn’t have insurance so the car was seized,” the post read. “Luckily the KFC was delivered by our neighborhood team so it didn’t go cold.”

Just imagine waiting on some Extra Crispy Chicken Tenders and having the cops show up at your door. For a moment, there would undoubtedly be surprised. But as it turned out, the cops were all that and a bag of fries.

Interestingly, the Newton Abbot police were asked by a commenter on Facebook if their vehicles were insured to deliver KFC. Didn’t matter, the police responded. The officer went on foot, as the arrest of the uninsured driver was but a short walk away from its final destination.

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