Having Sex With Someone You Don’t Live With is Illegal Under New Lockdown Rules

The United Kingdom has banned everyone from having sex until marriage. Kidding, totally kidding. BUT, they have taken a step further and have banned people from having sex in their own house with someone from a different household. Yup, apparently it is now illegal to have sex in the privacy of your own home after the government alerted its coronavirus legislation.

As of Monday, a change to the law was introduced which bans two people from different households in England gather in an indoor place during the coronavirus lockdown. The amendment to the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) SBill states “No person may participate in a gathering which takes place in a public or private place indoors, and consists of two or more persons.”

Previously, going to another person’s home to have sex would have been a breach of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, but now both parties could be prosecuted under the law. And in case you were wondering, yes, having sex in a public place is already illegal, so this just further enhances that.

Only those with a “ reasonable excuse” are actually allowed to meet in a private place. The amended bill reads, “no person may, without reasonable excuse, stay overnight at any place other than the pale where they are living.” This does differ from the previous legislation which prohibits people from leaving their homes without a reasonable excuse. So, if anyone is caught breaking this…..sex law, they can be fined.

Human rights barrister, Adam Wagner, tweeted about the ridiculous law, stating, “I can’t believe I’m about to tweet this. From tomorrow sex between two (or more) people in a private place who do not live in the same household is a ‘gathering’ between 2 or more people and is therefore illegal.”

Officials did state that those who may be deemed to have a reason for meeting other people indoors are sports professionals, people who are attending funerals, vulnerable persons who are fleeing or risk of violence, people who are attending a funeral, and people with unavoidable work commitments. For those who are attending a funeral, the rule allows an overnight stay at a location other than their own home in line with attendance at a funeral as a member of the deceased person’s household, or a family member of the deceased person.

Meanwhile, certain athletes are allowed to stay in a different location to their own residence if they are training for a competition, which is a rule that applies to an Elite athlete, a parent, and a coach. Others were also exempt from the new rule are those moving houses and people who needed to obtain medical help. Apparently, in line with these ridiculous moments, police in England will be able to tell people to leave someone’s home and they’re actually caught breaching the new lockdown rules.

According to a guidance issued by two officers by the National Police Chief counsel and College of policing, “You may only direct a person to return home. There are no powers in the regulations to remove someone or use force. Fixed-penalty notices (FPNs) and arrest still apply, where appropriate.”

Seems to me like the United Kingdom is trying to control the Brit’s sex life, limiting you to one visitor at a time. Will this help not spread the coronavirus? Probably. But this is just ridiculous, can’t wait for the public’s reaction on this one. Don’t get any ideas, Trump.

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