Pranksters Decided to Ask Random People to be Their Valentines, Their Dramatic Reactions to Rejection are Hilarious!

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What’s better than Valentine’s Day dates? Valentine’s day pranks! Cupid’s special day is just around the corner, and while some people have already found themselves a partner, others are desperately looking for a companion with which to spend love’s holiday. As they always do around this time of year, various gripes and complaints are arising among the single.

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Some say that Valentine’s Day is just a manufactured holiday anyway (true, but moans about sour grapes won’t keep your bed warm), while others go back to the familiar ‘romance is dead’ well. Why don’t guys/gals/people, in general, try to be romantic anymore? What happened to the good old days? Leaving aside the rose-tinted glasses takes about the past, the crew at YouTube channel Disturb Reality decided they’d like to drum up some Valentine’s Day romance — among total strangers.

Predictably, the guys’ public courtship attempts were mostly shot down, which led to the real purpose of the video: catching their reactions to ‘heartbreak’ on camera. Once rejected (because how many people would agree to have a romantic dinner with some random dude on the street wearing a white suit?), they melted down into fake histrionics, inspiring giggles from their would-be lovers.

Have you ever seen someone punt a giant teddy bear in mock frustration? If that sounds like a good time, this video’s for you. If that was me, I’d take all of their flowers, gifts, chocolates, and fun out of there as fast as I could. Jokes on you, sucker!

This post was originally published on February 8, 2017.

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