Wendy’s Employee Fired For Bathing in Kitchen Sink and Posting it Online

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It looks like TikTok has done it again. A disturbing and gross video popped up on the social media app this week, showing a shirtless man submerged inside an industrial Wendy’s sink, just nonchalantly taking a bath like if it was a hot tub.

The 23-second video was originally posted as a TikTok video, but managed to make its rounds on Facebook where it stirred commotion. The video shows a young man sitting inside the restaurant’s kitchen sink, which is used to wash kitchen items throughout the day. The boy is seen laughing and joking inside and scrubbing himself with a sponge, as two men, one co-worker who is wearing a Wendy’s uniform and another behind the camera, laughing along.

Wendy’s Employee Fired For Bathing in Kitchen Sink

After the incident went viral, 19-year-old Paul Kash was fired from the Wendy’s located in Greenville, Michigan. Kash stated his manager saw the clip a few days later after it was posted and confronted him. He stated, “I fell asleep at like 6 p.m. [the following day], and then woke up at 11 to my friend calling me saying, ‘Hey, you’re on the news.’ I was like ‘what?’”

Not only did Kash lose his. job, but so did everyone else involved in the incident. Christian Camp, Wendy’s vice president of human resources, publicly spoke about the incident, condemning the clip as “completely unacceptable.” Still, the video kept being shared by online users, calling the act “moronic” and “disgusting.” Because well, can you blame them?

This kid literally got inside a fast-food restaurant sink and decided to bathe in it. Can you imagine all the germs in there? The little extra scraps of food just floating around while he’s just happily looking around trying to get some likes and followers? Nah, yuck. This is to another level of gross. Plus, he just copied that other Wendy’s employee who tried to do the same thing and got fired.

Still, this kid did note that he’s ultimately just trying to move on from the incident and is focused on “bettering himself” trying to figure out what his career will look like in the near future. Do I blame him for trying this? Nah, he’s a teenager, I’ve seen them do worse things, obviously. But come one dude, you’re 19. This is just plain stupid. I’m sure the health department was left with a bad taste in their mouth after watching this.

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