This Cheap Hack Will Keep Your House Warm All Winter Long

It’s the most wonderful time of the year when you can really tell how insulated your windows are. Sure, you could drop some cash on fancy new windows to help your problem or you can consult this Granny from Alaska who has come up with an innovative (and extremely cheap) way to insulate your windows from heat loss for the cold months ahead.

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When the thermometer drops and snow starts falling from the sky, there’s nothing more comforting than a warm home. However, with badly insulated windows your pocket can surely see the difference in a well-insulated home. And while there are window insulation kits available online to buy, we found that the film is difficult to fit on windows and they can only be used once.

Fear not, the Alaska Granny is here to show you that a bubble wrap window is the best solution to lowering heating bills and keeping the cold weather outside.

Keep Your House Warm With This Hack!

To begin, buy a large roll of bubble wrap. You can either buy the kind with the large bubbles or the small bubbles, all that matters is that it will be wide enough to fit the outer edges of your window. Fill a spray bottle with water and cut the bubble wrap insulation to the size of your single-pane window.

Spray the inside of the window with a thin film of water and place the bubble wrap bubble side down towards the outside of the windows with the flat side facing the inside. Press the piece of bubble wrap against the window, getting it nice and snug.

Step away from your new bubble wrap window insulation and give yourself a pat on the back. Not only will the wrap stay on the window for the entire heating season, but it’s also reusable year after year. Once it looks like the cold air is finished and the winter months are behind you, simply peel the layer of bubble wrap off the window and label with a note of the window it was used for. Next year repeat the process to save money on heating bills.

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