Tim McGraw Reveals One of the Passions He Shares with Wife Faith Hill

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

If you’ve ever been to a Tim McGraw and Faith Hill concert, you know the smokin’ hot chemistry between the two country music stars is palpable all the way into the nosebleed seats. They share an incredible passion for each other, their children, their music, and just about everything else in their lives together. Of course, when you’re on this journey called life, wouldn’t you want to do it with someone you can share so much with?

Not everything they share a passion for is so overt, though. One of the things they enjoy the most is cooking and food. It’s hard to believe since they are both so fit and healthy, but if you took a peek at either of their old Instagram pages back in the day, you’ll find photos of incredible meals they have prepared or shared together. And it’s usually down-home southern cooking. Those pictures are a little harder to find now, but take this video of their interview with Oprah as our word.

In fact, back in January 6, 2017, Tim had posted a photo on his Instagram page of the hot home cooking they were enjoying while Nashville was in the grips of a wintry mix of weather. A simple plate of peas, cornbread, a bottle of Zombie Cajun hot sauce, and deviled eggs with a tall glass of sweet tea are featured in the picture, but the country superstar adds that there’s also a fire in the fireplace and his “good-lookin’ woman” is nearby. He called it “Heaven.” We call it “Yum!”

If you’re a longtime fan of the country star couple, you know that the Tim McGraw won his wife Faith Hill’s heart with his chicken and dumplings recipe, and that they have a traditional dish they prepare for Christmas every year, too. They went onto Oprah’s show to talk about it. While many families sit down to turkey or ham, dressing, sweet potatoes, and the traditional holiday fare, Louisiana-born Tim and Mississippi-born Faith abandon their roots on this holiday for an Italian feast of pasta and meatballs.

Faith is also a great cook, as evident by the amazing spreads she used to share on her Instagram page. Maybe that’s why Tim and Faith are so hot together, after so many years of marriage. They know how to keep the fires, the stove, and the oven burning.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published January 9, 2017.

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