Woman Claims She Was Arrested at Airport For Being Too ‘Good Looking’

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A woman was arrested at the Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas and claims it was because she was too ‘good looking’. The woman, identified as Hend Bustami (Henny), 28, skipped out on a tab at the airport’s Chili’s restaurant. KTNV Las Vegas reports that police were called but could not locate her.

Bustami was eventually found by TSA agents, who told police that a sleeping person matched her description. She was sleeping close to airport security in an inappropriate location.

When Bustami was finally apprehended, police found her by the baggage claim area. According to police reports, she was “belligerent with officers.” She was “saying she was being harassed because cops [had] never seen anyone as pretty as her.”

Henny is objectively attractive. Would that be enough to arrest her?

Henny Bustami is admittedly a very pretty woman, but it seems she was going a little too far in her self-assessment. Surely, skipping out on a tab at an international airport and then becoming belligerent with law enforcement is a more likely reason for her apprehension.

The police then arrested Bustami while she continued acting inappropriately. Reports claim “that she was going to spit on all [the officers] and that officers were perverts and were trying to rape her because they [had] never seen anyone as good looking.”

When law enforcement ran a background check, they learned that Bustami had a warrant out for her arrest from the Las Vegas Municipal Court. She was subsequently placed in custody and booked into the Clark County Detention Center.

Could this have been avoided?

Moral of the story? If you skip out on a tab at an international airport while intoxicated and are later apprehended by authorities, don’t make a stupid comment about how beautiful you are. You don’t get to walk out on tabs because you’re ‘good looking’. Just pay your tab and apologize.

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