Biden Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Tripped On Psychedelic Shrooms During Official Trip To China

While representing the land of the free and the home of the brave in China, Janet Yellen, Joe Biden’s Treasury Secretary, was served psychedelic mushrooms.

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It turns out she had no knowledge of the hallucinogenic properties of the hardy meal until after she had finished dining. It was reported by the New York Post that Janet Yellen had consumed the “magic meal” in mid-July. It turns out that the Treasury Secretary helped herself to four helpings of the delicious jian shou qing.

This meal is known locally to have differing effects on people. The mushrooms used have the capability to cause hallucinations. In an interview with CNN, Janet Yellen was asked about her experience with the funky food.

Biden Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Gobbles Up Psychedelic Shrooms In China

CNN reporter Erin Burnett started by saying: “You started a frenzy because you ordered a mushroom dish that contains apparently what are considered ‘Magic Mushrooms,’ mushrooms that can be hallucinogenic, and so now these wild mushroom dishes are selling out at that restaurant’s branches across China, you have sparked all this. May I ask you, I’m just quite curious, what was it like, the mushroom experience?” Erin questioned with a chuckle.

In response, Janet Yellen said: “So I went with this large group of people, and the person who’d arranged our dinner did the ordering, there was a delicious mushroom dish. I was not aware that these mushrooms had hallucinogenic properties, I learned that later…” On the edge of her seat Erin asked: “Later when you were sleeping and having visions?” Janet proceeded to explain that she read about the mushrooms finding that, when cooked properly, they should have no impact on the consumer.

It is still unclear how well the 76 year old Treasurer handled the meal as some have reported hallucinations and dizziness from the exact same meal. What is becoming more clear however, is that the Chinese officials guiding the trip had a good time toying with the historically unprofessional US Treasurer and feeding her some shrooms. The restaurant itself commented on Janet’s visit: “It was an extremely magical day.”

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