Lost Biden Mistakenly Shakes Hands With Secret Service Agent (Video)

President Joe Biden has been on a roll lately with all of his blundering. His latest involved mistakenly shaking hands with a Secret Service member.

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Some of Joe Biden’s latest blundering includes, fumbling through a speech in New Mexico, forgetting the name of New Mexico’s Senator, Ben Lujan. He then proceeded to explain how he hibernated in Iowa and shared his thoughts on hibernation.

Other slip ups occurred on his out west trip to promote Bidenomics. While at the Grand Canyon, Secret Service members had to pull Joe Biden back, away from the canyon because he was getting too close. He also gave a speech where he called the Grand Canyon one of the “nine wonders of the world, literally.” To top it all off, Joe took it upon himself to awkwardly swipe a bug off of the female reporter’s chest in his interview with the Weather Channel.

Biden Mistakenly Shakes Hands With Secret Service Agent (Video)

Joe Biden’s campaign to promote himself and his policies has turned into a trip that is thoroughly proving his incapability. In the video provided by RNC Research, Joe Biden makes his next misread. Joe reaches out to shake hands with a man hard to see at first in the footage. However, when the man appears, he is dressed the same as the Secret Service members behind Joe Biden and has an ear piece in his left ear. When Biden shook hands with the agent, he seemed to say: “I used to work for him.”

After Biden shook the agent’s hand, the footage shows the people surrounding Biden begin to smirk, and it does not appear to be the result of thinking Biden had cracked a joke. In fact, it also appears that the other Secret Service agents, behind Biden, begin to smirk as well. It is unclear at this moment if the agent Biden “used to work for” was one of the many agents attacked by Biden’s dog.

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