Dodgers Fan Gets Knocked Out Cold After Insane Postgame Brawl

Nothing quite like American traditions such as baseball, apple pie and… well, throwing some haymakers.

That was the case Tuesday night following a Los Angeles Dodgers game when a fan was knocked out cold. As ridiculous and even funny as brawls can be, this one turned sort of scary. One fan, sporting the jersey of famed Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw, was hit with a knockout blow. Then he fell and hit his head on the pavement.

Most of those involved were drunk, or at least pretty close to it, witnesses said. The incident was captured by a bystander via cellphone video.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Dodgers Fan Gets Knocked Out Cold

“They started pushing each other and then they got into a fight … and then a couple of seconds later (one guy) was knocked out on the floor, unconscious,” Dodgers fan Jonathan Lopez told KTLA.

Another witness told KTLA the incident appeared to start when an intoxicated group began “pushing each other.” 

None of those involved were charged, and the man who got his bell rung is expected to be OK, though a little sore as a result. He was not on the scene by the time police arrived.

Other than that, police are offering limited details and suggested that none are forthcoming.

This marks the second recorded fight outside of Dodgers Stadium since the season started. Alcohol at baseball games … well, it is also an American tradition. And oftentimes, it can end up not doing ayone any favors.

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