Influencer Says She Is an ‘Office Baddie’ With ‘Bomb Salary’ at ‘Lazy Girl’ Job

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An influencer who goes by Dani online has gone viral on TikTok after posting a video about her “lazy girl office job,” where she claims she never has to speak to a single soul. Dani did not disclose exactly what her job is.

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In the 6-second TikTok, Dani shows herself sitting at a desk staring blankly while holding a notepad. Words soon appear on the screen that read, “I was born for lazy girl office jobs. I get paid a bomb salary to talk to no one, take breaks whenever I want & be the office baddie.”

Influencer Brags About ‘Lazy Girl’ Job on TikTok

The TikTok is captioned, “Get yourself an office job sis.” The video currently has  1.6 million views and over 277k likes. Dani only has 14k followers on TikTok currently, but she holds a total of 4.4 million likes.

Many other TikTok users have rushed to the comments section of Dani’s video to share their thoughts on having a “lazy girl” job. One TikToker commented, “My first job ever and it was honestly the best. I loved being alone inputting invoices, organizing and stuff,” while another commented, “This is me at my job. I appreciate my job so much.”

While Dani seems to love her relaxed office job, some commenters revealed that this is a life they do not desire. One TikTok user said, “This was me for years, after a while you [start] to feel robotic and monkey-like. Lol, I had to go,” while another wrote, “My office job is literally the opposite of this. Never had so much worked dumped on me.” A third person commented, “I need drama, chaos and violence. So I chose ER. It does have me wishing for that office-life sometimes, though.” 

While Dani’s office job may seem like a dream to some, it could be possible that she actually just isn’t doing what’s asked of her. 35-year-old Matthew Dearden, who works in enrollment at an Ohio university, spoke to the New York Post about how he feels as though some members of Gen Z don’t do what’s asked of them in the workplace. He said, “They want to determine when and how they do work. I’d say that’s the biggest difference, whereas even millennials and prior generations understood that you come to work and you do what your employer asks of you.”

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