Man Tragically Killed While Helping Ducks Cross The Road

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In the blink of an eye, a heroic moment of kindness turned drastically into a tragic scene of loss and pain. 22 miles away from Sacramento California in a town called Rocklin, the age old question “why did the chicken (or duck) cross the road?” took a dark turn.

A California man encountered a group of ducks in the middle of the road and across an intersection. After observing the scene, the father stepped out of his car to help them along. He had hoped to keep them from being hit by the oncoming traffic.

Man Tragically Killed While Helping Ducks Cross The Road

A 12-year-old boy named William Wimsatt and his sister were riding with their mom when they pulled up to the intersection and witnessed everything. The New York Post reported William saying that “He helped them get up over the curb because all the little baby duckies were having trouble and then he walked in front of our car.” William’s mom, along with many others present applauded the kind act. While cheering on the father, he had managed to get the ducks to the other side… yet in that moment, horror struck.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Suddenly, a car came tearing through the intersection and hit the kind, unsuspecting father. The hit literally knocked the shoes off of victim and sent him flying. As the Wimsatts and others looked on in complete shock and dismay the good Samaritan was killed by the unaware driver. The driver is a 17-year-old girl who has been cooperating with the police thus far. Immediately following the event, William’s mom got out to comfort the dead man’s kids.

Our prayers go out to the poor family who’s father died extending a sacrificial helping hand to some ducks just trying to cross the road.

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