Viral Video Shows Woman Being Weighed Like Luggage Before Flight Takeoff

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A couple of months ago a woman was at the luggage check-in when she was told to weigh herself where suitcases are typically weighed. In front of the general public, the lady had proved that she was truly around 130 pounds. Since then, social media has caught wind of the situation and a video has been uploaded to TikTok.

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With the impeccable intelligence of the media sharing their thoughts on the matter, naturally, two sides have been formed. One group has sided with the airline, the other with body-positivity, but what is all the fuss about?

Viral Video Shows Woman Being Weighed Like Luggage Before Flight Takeoff

It is recommended to at least estimate the average weight of passengers before flying by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). This is a reasonable task considering that weight is fundamental to flying, especially when the plane starts to get more full and more so when it is a smaller plane. In this case, it was reported that the plane was leaving the Philippines and was a smaller aircraft. On top of that, airlines are not allowed to weigh someone unless they agree to be weighed according to In addition, the weight ought to remain confidential.

The controversy began, however, on the assumption that the woman was forced to step on the scale. The New York Post reported that the woman had told the airport staff that she weighed 130 pounds. The story goes that the staff did not buy the lie and ‘forced’ the woman to be weighed in front of everyone else.

While it has not yet been disclosed the name of the woman, her personal reactions, or the final consensus on her weight, she apparently made weight. While it was likely not the way she wished to end her trip, the woman was able to fly home.

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