Arby’s Made Wrapping Paper That Actually Smells Like Meat

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Oh man, I love the holidays. I love anything to do with wrapping gifts, eating candy canes, and trying new holiday food, but this is too much. Arby’s what the heck are you thinking? As if you really needed to smell meat 24/7 to be happy for the holidays. It’s safe to say that restaurant chains sometimes like to release products to remind fans of them. Take for example the Budweiser in Texas Roadhouse, who both have made scented candles that smell of their savory yummy goods.

In comes Arby’s, who have in the past released several holiday items such as glasses and sweatshirts, which were apparently successful for the company. But this time around he decided to up one a little bit more, in order to make their name known even better.

Arby’s Wrapping Paper

Yes, this year Arby’s decided to release quite an unconventional holiday item for its customers:  meat Santa wrapping paper. Yes, you read that right, meat scented it a wrapping paper.  I want to see exactly what it sounds like, it’s paper with several meat sandwiches printed all over which you can get for a hefty price of $18.50.  In the past, Arby’s has released wrapping paper for its customers, although it wasn’t scented at that time.

Arby’s describes the odor of the wrapping paper as a smoke-scented item, so it might not be quite as pungent as some customers may think. Still, safe to say the internet has several mixed reactions to the wrapping paper. One Instagram user commented, “I’m putting an entire roast in there.”  With another one actually being excited about the product, saying, “ how much paper is on the row?” “Looks and smells like meat but please don’t eat it?” another person wrote. 

Twitter Reacts

Honestly, I am not here for it. Say what you want to buy Arby’s, I will eat it any day, but paper that constantly smells like meat just does not sit well with me. You know you’re going to get headaches 24/7 after just smelling that. Hard pass Arby’s, but I will take an order of your curly fries. 

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