Kellyanne Conway goes full “Fatal Attraction” on Jake Tapper in this “SNL” short NBC/Screenshot
"Kellyanne Conway" goes for the throat on "Jake Tapper" on last night's "SNL".

Kellyanne Conway and Jake Tapper now have one of the most interesting relationships in all of media, Tapper’s booking staff first not allowing Conway on his CNN Sunday show, “State of the Union,” which led to a great interview between the two earlier this week. But “SNL” begs the question, what if Conway were actually crazy? What if she was “in love” with being on the news so much that it drove her to a breaking point?

That’s what happens in this short, which sees Kellyanne Conway going full “Fatal Attraction” on Tapper, waiting for him in his darkened apartment as he gets home from taping his show. She really misses the feeling of a “hot mic” against her skin.

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“No!” Tapper (Beck Bennett) screams. “We can’t have you on TV if you’re just going to keep lying!”

“Fine,” Conway replies. “I’ll do something else. I’ll do something really crazy,” she says, pulling out a knife and pressing it to her mouth like a certifiably insane person trying to get their jilted ex-lover’s attention.

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The whole short ends with a moment that mostly reminded us of “Batman Returns,” with Conway accidentally falling out a window, crashing down onto the street with a splat, before getting up, adjusting her body back into place like a right wing Terminator, and saying she only has three lives left — which still somehow is more believable than some of what the real Conway says on TV.

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