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Whatever your side is on the circus that was the Brett Kavanaugh hearing to address Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual assault allegations, it’s hard to deny how hilarious Matt Damon was while portraying the Supreme Court nominee’s animated testimony and questioning this past week on Saturday Night Live. Damon was not the host of SNL or even announced to be in this week’s episode. His appearance in the cold open as Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee was a total surprise, as evidenced by the audience’s reaction.

SNL opened its 44th season premiere with Damon playing Brett Kavanaugh and a host of current and former cast members as the other main participants in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, including Kate McKinnon as Senator Lindsey Graham, Aidy Bryant as “female prosecutor” Rachel Mitchell, and Cecily Strong as Senator Dianne Feinstein.

The SNL opening sketch went after everything from Kavanaugh’s love of beer in high school to actress Alyssa Milano appearing at the hearings to Kavanaugh’s “creepy calendars.” In the sketch Damon’s Kavanaugh says he’s a “keg-is-half-full kind of guy” and blames, among others, Kathy Griffin and George Soros for the political theatrics he is being forced to endure. Though Dr. Ford does not make an appearance as a character, she is referenced.

Damon as Kavanaugh is a pretty inspired choice, and the rest of the SNL cast members are all cast as the sort of characters they typically do an awesome job portraying. (Aidy Bryant in particular as the regretful, “What is happening?” person in the room, which she maybe did the best in an Irish dating show sketch a few seasons ago.)

Here’s the skit in its entirety:

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