OnlyFans Model Who Was Kicked Out of Store For Wearing Shorts Says She’s a Victim of ‘Hot Phobia’

Brazilan OnlyFans model Kerolay Chaves, 21, was kicked out of a grocery store for wearing extremely high-cut shorts and a basically see-through shirt with no bra, and she’s claiming it was an act of “Hot Phobia” against her. Chaves seemed to be extremely upset over the situation and posted about it on Instagram, gaining few sympathizers and many critics.

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Chaves claims she was harassed at the grocery store because of her choice of clothing. In an Instagram post, Chaves wrote “Just came from the supermarket and was bullied for wearing ‘too short clothes’. Some people looked with prejudice, others cursed me and, finally, I was kicked out of the site. Do you believe it? I think it’s absurd that we women are still treated this way just because we dress how we want. Truth is, we go through it because we’re too hot, that’s all.”

Woman ‘Bullied’ in Grocery Store for Short Shorts

Chaves claims that she was simply shopping at the store, not bothering anyone, when other shoppers started hurling insults at her and shooting her disapproving glares. Soon, security came to kick her out of the store.

After sharing an account of the incident with her hefty Instagram following, Chaves was shocked by some of the backlash. She spoke to NudePR about her feelings, saying “I felt offended by the gratuitous hate I received both in the market and in my Instagram post. I think all these insults have more to do with the ‘hot woman phobia’ I face on a daily basis.”

Most of Chaves’ online followers seem to be taking the side of the grocery store. One Instagram user commented “No need to go to a supermarket dressed like that,” while another said, “You are embarrassing the decent people who are often there with children.” A third quipped “I guess the same way a shirtless man would get kicked out of the spot happened to you.”

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