Giving up on 2021 Already? This Shirt Is Perfect for You

I’m not sure why we thought a new year would magically wipe all our problems away. 2021 is already a shit show. What is going on? Between the riot at the U.S. Capitol Building and Trump being banned from Twitter, I’d say January most likely set the mood for the rest of the year. Anyone else done with 2021? Same here. (Also, people are saying Armie Hammer is a cannibal, like can this year get any weirder?)

This “already done with 2021 shirt” sums up exactly how many of us are feeling right now. I’m already counting down the days until we’re in 2022. Hopefully, 2022 is less of a hot mess.

Funny Already done with 2021 Can’t wait for 2022 Party Gift T-Shirt

Funny Already done with 2021 Can't wait for 2022 Party Gift T-Shirt
  • Refer to size chart
  • $14.50
  • Short sleeve
  • 10 color options+ solid colors
  • Funny gift idea for friends & coworkers


You can find the unisex T-shirt (choose between men, women, and youth at checkout) on Amazon for $14.50. It’s Amazon Prime eligible, meaning you’ll have this shirt on your doorstep in two days or less. I don’t know about you, but Amazon Prime is giving me the dopamine I need right now. Shopping does make me feel a little better about 2021.

I’m noticing a lot of you are saying, “One day we’ll be telling our grandchildren about this year.” Y’all want grandchildren still? Y’all are brave! After the pandemic, I don’t think I’ll have the energy to bring children into the world. I’m 100% faithful to birth control for at least the next 10 years (or 20).

Funny Already done with 2021 Can't wait for 2022 Party Gift T-Shirt

I’m trying to be optimistic about the future, but I’m starting to think things are going to get worse before they can get better. C’mon Joseph Robinette, help us get through another crazy year.

To whoever made this T-shirt design, thank you. For more custom T-shirts, visit Amazon.

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