This $10 Kitty Carpet Will Bring Warmth and Fuzzy Feels This Valentine’s Day

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Excuse me if I’m wrong (I’m a 90s baby), but I’m pretty sure I’ve heard “Kitty Carpet” was actually a turn on for a lot of guys back in the day. Yes, pubic hair. Nowadays, it seems like my generation is all about Brazilian waxes. Yep, everything off.

Maybe you’re too cool to get with the times, but if you recently shaved and regret it, no worries. “Kitty Carpet” is here to save the day. Just slap this toupee on your cooch, Mrs. Downstairs, Pikachu, or whatever you want to call it!


  • Perfect for: misbehaved shaves, unveiled va-jay-jays & botched Brazilians
  • Hilarious joke gift for white elephant exchange
  • Amazon Prime eligible (free delivery for Prime members)

I know, what the hell, right? The carpet doesn’t always need to match the drapes. Valentine’s Day is almost here, and that means you can buy a $10 heart-shaped Kitty Carpet.

How to Use the Kitty Carpet

kitty carpet
  1. Trim the Kitty Carpet to the desired shape.
  2. Peel one Quick Fix Stick and stick it to the non-fuzzy side of Kitty Carpet.
  3. Place Kitty Carpet where you want it.

You can find the faux fur toupee on Amazon. (No actual kitties were harmed. All faux fur!) The Kitty Carpet measures 3.5 inches wide on top and 4.5 inches long. Add this to your Amazon wishlist today to make your Valentine’s Day getaway a little more exciting. Customer reviews are hilarious, y’all. I’m cackling. I might have to order the Christmas tree for the holidays or the green shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day.

kitty carpet


  • Comes with one sheet of quick fix sticks
  • Bachelorette party gift idea for games
  • Faux fur made in China Quick Fix Sticks made in the United States

Kitty Carpet says gone are the days of picking your pubes off the bathroom floor to make your own merkin. You can finally be the prodigal hippie or French-web-footed prostitute you’ve always hoped to be. Experience life, girls!

Be sure to check out the other options! You can find natural pink, the carpet matches the drapes, and Michael Jackson’s hair.

For more funny gag gifts for women, check out Amazon.

This post was originally published on November 20, 2020.

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