Little Boy Crashes Toy Car in Snow, Calls it ‘Piece of ****’ and Stomps Away


Curse words and little kids, is there anything funnier? Nothing is quite as adorable as young children trying to act like grownups, even when what they’re doing is kind of horrible.

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Swear Words and Kids = PURE GOLD

I could watch a video of little kids using profanity and bad language all day. Just popping off expletives over their hot dogs not being cut properly or dropping an F-bomb for the first time because a fellow preschooler took their glue. Considering they still call taking a crap “going potty” you can quite fittingly call their language potty mouth. There have to be tons of YouTube videos of this, right?

Anyway, the story behind this video is pretty simple the caption says it all. “My son got his car stuck in the snow and called it a piece of shit.” A little boy cursing his fake car. That’s some solid internet.

When Encouraging Children to Learn New Words Goes Horribly Wrong

Children absorb everything. So when you use “not nice words” in front of your kids hearing a high-pitched bad word is pretty much imminent. You cuss, they cuss. But maybe using bad language in front of kids isn’t such a bad idea? At least older kids. Like, 12-year-olds. They say using foul language regularly in conversation is a sign of intelligence. (I am a fucking genius by the way.)

So help kids out. Put away the swear jar and teach them terrible words. Or at least let them watch shows where the TV characters say the most heinous stuff you can think of. Let them play video games like Grand Theft Auto. It’ll make them better at math if they watch The Sopranos, or something.

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