Poop Knife: The Funny (And Unnecessary) Toilet Brush Alternative

I love gag gifts. It’s a chance for me to throw a harmless jab at someone I love. For example, someone I know is getting the ‘Poop Knife‘ for Christmas. We all have someone in our lives who acts like they can’t pick up a toilet brush.

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If your husband, son, or even daughter always leaves a crime scene in the toilet, you have to get them the Poop Knife. This ought to teach them a lesson! Too good to pick up the Mr. Clean Toilet Scrubber? Alrighty then, have fun scrubbing your turd off the toilet with the Poop Knife.

Original Poop Knife Gag Gift

Poop Knife Gag Gift

[buy_now link=amzn.to/3kGleAQ]

  • Guaranteed not to turn into a rusty punji stick.
  • Be a samurai of the porcelain poo poo platter
  • $19.99

You can find the funny gag gift on Amazon. It’s Amazon Prime eligible, and it has a perfect five-star rating. It turns out many people deal with family poops causing an everyday problem for those sharing bathrooms. Amazon customers are leaving hilarious reviews.

poop knife

One said, “I like that it’s dishwasher safe. Leaves me with the reassurance that my poop knife won’t be damaged by harsh hot water and detergent while the powerful dishwasher jets power my poop particles into my Tupperware containers and the China dishes that I’ll be using to serve guests at my dinner party this evening. Thanks, poop knife!”

There’s nothing worse than taking a mega-poop at a friend’s house and leaving evidence at the bottom of the bowl. Keep your handy poop knife on you, and you’ll be able to clean the gigantic turd off the bowl.


Okay, I totally hope no one actually uses it. Plungers and toilet brushes are $1 at your local dollar store. Human feces is disgusting, don’t try to clean excrement and giant logs of crap off a toilet bowl with a knife.

This post was originally published on September 22, 2020.

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